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Hi, I'm Mariusz. I create backend of web applications.

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I will start with myself
in the beginning...

By getting to know various things, we learn a lot about ourselves. It was the same in my case.
From my early school years, I have liked to learn maths. Later this passion turned into numerous successes at many subject olympiads. Over time, my interests evolved towards broadly understood computer science and computers – I started my first coding adventures at the age of 16 when I made a desktop application to calculate delta faster. Later I devoted my attention to business-related issues. As a result, I’m currently studying Business Management and Enterprise Development at ASBiRO University. I have been creating a backend for various web applications for some time. I am fascinated by the fact that designing software for diverse companies helps me not only to improve my programming and analytical skills but also gives me a chance to learn more about how a given industry works.

What technologies am I using?


Using these technologies, I create various web applications.

Give To Good Hands

A web application where we put things in good hands


REST API to manage books


REST API to manage tasks


I know how crucial competencies supporting professional development are today. That’s why I am constantly gaining new knowledge, the knowledge of which I confirm with various certificates.

C1 Advanced

Knowledge of the English language at an advanced level

Java Developer Bootcamp

Intensive programming course

EE.08. i EE.09.

Professional qualifications – IT Technician

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